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Nansha Bonded Port Area (1st period) starts operations

On the morning of August 31st, the Guangzhou Nansha Bonded Port Area (the 1st period) officially started operations. A fleet of six cargo trucks loaded with Panasonic air-conditioning equipment slowly drove into the pass of the Logistics Park in the bonded port area, symbolizing the official start of operations and receipt of the first cargo.

The original start-up enterprises include logistics enterprises, trade companies, and processing enterprises, all of which will launch "one-day tour" and, the VMI warehouse supply chain management company, international purchase and distribution entities and those in the processing trade and others are all hosts. In order to encourage enterprises to settle and operate in the bonded area, the Administration Committee of the Bonded Port Area, Customs, Inspection and Quarantine authorities will devote themselves to establishing convenient and highly efficient and favorable approval process and supervision procedures.

Take the "one-day tour" operation for example; the supervision authority has formulated convenient and speedy customs clearance measures, including pre-declaration, accounting book management, waivers of cargo unloading requirements and other so as to ensure that cargos can complete the entry and exit formalities in a minimum timeframe.

(Translated by Guangzhou Association of Foreign Affairs Translators)


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