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Chapter One General Principle

Article 1.   广东经济投资促进会[The Association of Promotion for Guangdong Econony & Investment]

Article 2.  The association is a non-profit social organization with the status of a legal person,which connects Guangdong’s business circles,academic circles,press circles,government organs and individuals,in accordance with laws and administrative regulations.

Article 3. The Associations aims are to follow out the Communist Partys and governments policies,laws and regulations, make full use of Guangdongs advantages,such as:adjacency to HongKong and Macao SARs; advantage of talents; easy access to information; booming economy, etc; act as an intermediary for introducing foreign capital and establishing domestic connections to acceletate Guangdongs economic development.

Chapter Two Assignment

Article 4. Connecting domestic and overseas individuals and organizations who are interested in developing Guangdongs economy and uniting personalities of various circles for promoting the development of Guangdongs economy.

Article 5. Establishing an intensive information net for economic investment,which connects various economic organizations and academic institutes:to offer a channel for the extensive cooperation on technology, industry and trade, and provide the projects selection, calling for a bid, trading information, bid , trade information, technologic project, and cooperative partner for investors.

Article 6. The Association will organize concered enterprises. organizations and individuals for exchange. Visiting each other, investigation and studying, establishing institute for academic exchange; providing opportunities for business circle to hold high-level forums with academic circle and government organs; providing enterprise, the design of the image of the enterprise with financial and law management, etc.; the Association will organize various negotiation meeting, fair, exhibition meeting, information issuing meeting and other public activities.

Article 7.  The Association will unite the organizations and instiutes concerned jointly to issue newspapers, periodicals and other mass media to accelerate financial investment and promote economic cooperation.

Article 8.  The Association will publicize, praise and reward domestic and overseas groups and individuals who made considerable contribution to Guangdongs development.

Anicle 9.  The Association will open up financial resource to establish foundation, local cooperative financial institution, strive for donation and provide financial service for the members of the association

Chapter Three Institution

Articic 10.
1) A secretariat is set up to be in charge of day-to-day business of the Association.
2) The highest leading institution of the Association is the Conference of Members Delegates,which holds once a year. The Association will report its achievement,development projects and financial condition.
3) The Association will have certain person appointed as its honorable president, president, president and vice-president.
4) The Association will have certain managing directors.
5) The term for president and vice-president is 3 years, those who act as president assume his or her position if he or she wins in election.

Chapter Four Membership

Articlr 11. The Association carries out the system of membership.All the organization and individual who accept the regulation of the Association and are interested in Guangdongs economic investment, can apply for group or individual membership of the Association.The Associations organizing principles are voluntary participation, equality, friendship and collaboration.

Article 12. The member of the Association can share following rights:
1) Participating Associations activities.
2) Criticizing and forwarding proposals for Association affairs, having rights to elect or to be elected.
3) Sharing preferential and favoradle treatment when the Associatio organize information exchang, consultation, business, financial investment, transfer of technology, project introducing, observing and studing, academic communication and other activities;
4) Obtaining the Associations newpapers, periodicals and other propaganda materials in priority;
5) Requesting association for help resolve problems.

Article 13. Members Obligation:
1) Observing Associations regulation and carrying out Associations decision.
2) Taking part in Association activities positively and giving suggestion, advice information and cooperative intention to Association.
3) Undertaking Associations task.

Chapter Five Funds

Article 14. Sources of funds.
1)Raised funds by the Association.
2)Donation from enterprises and units at home and abroad.
3)Associations other legal income.
4)Membership Dues.

Article 15. Independent financial account.
The Association will carry out states financial system, and report the financial situation every year to each member .

Article 16. The Association, secretariat is in charge of all the funds, which mainly are used to run various activities and issue Associations publication.

Chapter Six Supplementary Articles

Article 17. The Associations office is at Floor 5.No-1 He Qun West Rd., Dong Shan District, Guangzhou.

Article 18. This regulation will be in effect after being passed by the Member Delegate Conference, the explain of the regulation is subject to Secretriat of the Association.

Article 19. This regulation will be in carried out after Guangdong Provincial Economy & Trade Commission and being registered in Guangdong Provincial Civil Affair Department.