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The Leaders of APGEI

Honorary President:

Gao Shangquan——President, Research Institution of Economic Mechanism Reform

Zhu Senlin——Former Chairman,Tthe Standing Committee of the People’s Congress,Guangdong Province.

Zhang Juhui——Former Commander, Guangdong Provincial Military Area.

Huang Weihong——Former Deputy Director, People’s Congress of Guangdong Province.

Zhang Bojian——Former Director, Economic Research Center of Guangdong Provincial Government.

Chen Bing——Chairman, Oversea Chinese, Ethnic and Religion Commission Standing Committee of the Peopless Congress of Guangdong Province.



Wu Liang——Chairman, Guangdong GuangYe Assets Management Co.,Ltd



Zhu Houze——Secretary, All-China Federation of Trade Union.

Bao Yujun——Former Deputy Secretary, All China Fedetation for Industry & Commerce.

Wang Zongchun——Former Vice-chairman, Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference.

Wen Lanzi——Director, Guangdong Province Natioanalities and Religion Affairs Commission.

Chao Zhenwei——Former Secretary General,

Xiang Dongsheng——Secretary,Liwan Disrtict Committee of Guangzhou.

Wu Kaili——Former Counsellor,Guangdong Province Economic & Trade Commission.

Tan Shaofen——Former Team Leader,Descipline Inspection Group of Labor and Social Security Department of Guangdong Province

Wu Jusheng——Former Deputy Counsellor,Guangdong Province Economic & Trade Commission.



Wang Zhiwei——Chairman, GF Securities Co., Ltd.

Wang Junwen——General Manager, Guangzhou Unipro Investment Management Company.

Feng Huizhao——Deputy Director, Guangdong Province Economic & Trade Commission.

Bu likai——General Manager, Guangzhou Nanhu International Travel Service Co., Ltd.

Wu Jianhai——Chairman, Guangzhou Lokshun Digital Equipment Co., Ltd.

Liu Suilong——Chairman, Guangzhou Xin Hao Pan Shoes Material,Leather & Hardware Wholesale Square Co., Ltd.

Zhu Peikun——Chairman, Guangzhou Hang Seng (Group) Co., Ltd.

Xu Mengyang——Chairman, Guangzhou Southern Star Culture Dissemination Co., Ltd.

Kuang Weiyi——Chairman, Guangzhou Longchamp Wine Co., Ltd.

Wu Rijing——Chairman, Guangdong Xinguang International (Group) Co., Ltd.

Wu Jiyuan——Deputy Director, Guangzhou General Merchandise Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd.

Wu Yichun——Chairman, Guangzhou JXJS Build ISOC Construct Co., Ltd.

Wu Weirui——Chairman, Guangdong Modern Agriculture Group, Inc.

Li Zhengxi——President, Guangzhou Property Rights Exchange Bureau

Shao Jianming——President, Guangzhou Haiyin Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

Chen Zhixiong——General Manager, APOLLO Science & Technology for Building Materials Co.,Ltd.

Chen Aiyuan——Chairman, Guangzhou Shengyuan Restaurant Diet & Entertainment Management Co., Ltd.

Zheng Xiong——General Manager, Guangdong Commercial (Enterprise Group) Company.

Zheng Longgui——Chairman, Guangdong Kunlong Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd

Ou Jiyang——Chairman, Huizhou RishengChang Industry Co., Ltd

Liang Zhuoren——Secretary of Party Committee, CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd

Liang Guiquan——President, Guangdong Provincial Social Science Academy.

Jiang Zhufu——Chairman, Guangdong Tian Zhao International Engineering & Trade Commission.


Secretary General:

Zhao Rong——Vice President, The Association of Promotion For Guangdong Economy & Investment.