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Guide for Application

Article 1.  The Association carries out the system of membership.All the organization and individual who accept the regulation of the Association and are interested in Guangdongs economic investment,can apply for group or individual membership of the Association.The Associations organizing principles are voluntary participation, equality, friendship and collaboration.

Article 2.  The member of the Association can share following rights:
1) Participating Associations activities.
2) Criticizing and forwarding proposals for Association affairs, having rights to elect or to be elected.
3) Sharing preferential and favoradle treatment when the Associatio organize information exchang, consultation, business, financial investment, transfer of technology, project introducing, observing and studing, academic communication and other activities;
4) Obtaining the Associations newpapers, periodicals and other propaganda materials in priority;
5) Requesting association for help resolve problems.

Article 3.  Members Obligation:
1) Observing Associations regulation and carrying out Association¡¯s decision.
2) Taking part in Association activities positively and giving suggestion, advice information and cooperative intention to Association.
3) Undertaking Associations task.